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Innovation is at the heart of human progress and at the heart of the modern world we live in today and both are at the heart of all our efforts.

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We believe in a better tomorrow and we believe that we can change the world through the use of technology. We are a Romanian based company, delivering innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to Fortune 500 Global Companies and technology challengers. We have been doing this since 2008 and we are proud to be powered by Arnia Software, a leading software development company in Romania.




Together with our team and our clients we share the drive to innovate and raise the bar for a better tomorrow. We refine technology, we are always researching for new ways to improve and our services are devoted to bringing perfection. Every day we’re reimagining technology and we create leading machine learning solutions that make a difference in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

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Innovation is at the heart of human progress and at the heart of the modern world we live in today and both are at the heart of all our efforts. Our aim is to create stellar technologies, that deliver outstanding results and unique experiences. We help boost the value our clients create for the modern world. We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to solve business problems and to increase efficiency and productivity.




Probably the most important component of our work is represented by research. Our R&D team focuses on applied deep learning algorithms and software in computer vision, sound and natural language processing. Previous and ongoing projects include and are not limited to prediction and scene comprehension for assisted driving technologies, face recognition, image and sound synthesis, natural language understanding.

Our Team

We take pride in working with probably the best software engineers in Romania and we know for sure that their talent, involvement, dedication and enthusiasm are at the base of our success. We strongly believe that you cannot achieve greatness without passion, therefore we surround ourselves with people who share the same passion as we do. They are our strongest asset and we couldn’t be happier with the team here at Apsisware.

Andrei Leica
Andrei Leica

Andrei has been part of our team since 2015 and his extensive research has covered multiple areas such as Voice Conversion, Accented Speech Generation and Face Recognition.

Ioana Chelu
Ioana Chelu

Her main focus has been Data Augumentation using Generative Adversarial Network, as well as Natural Language Processing. She has been with us since 2015.

Alexandru Ghiuta
Alexandru Ghiuta

Part of the team since 2014, Alexandru's research has mainly tackled various problems in the Automotive Industry and Model Optimizations for Embedded Devices.

Vlad Paunescu
Vlad Paunescu

After joining our team in 2014, Vlad's main topics of research have covered tasks in Object Detection/Segmentation, Recurrent Neural Networks and Variational autoencoders.


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