R&D Computer Vision

We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to solve business problems and to increase efficiency and productivity.


Here, at Apsisware we have a dedicated research and development department working full time with product development and technology research in order to deliver state-of-the-art technologies that change, optimize and improve the way businesses function.

Computer vision is a part of AI that helps computers analyze the content of images and video and distinguish different objects in the physical world in order to better understand what’s going on around them. Computer vision is an important part of AI-powered technologies such as self-driving cars, security cameras, social media, healthcare, banking and more.

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The initial goal of Computer Vision was to enable machines to see the things that a human could. AI and Machine Learning technology have taken Computer Vision a step further and  machines can detect and interpret now things that humans can't, like outside temperature and air quality.

Self-driving vehicles depend on advanced AI computer vision. We provide an in-depth expertise in the automotive industry, where our expertise is comprised of:

Another field where our Computer Vision R&D work delivers great results is in visual intelligence:

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