R&D Machine Learning

We’re constantly working on some of the most complex and interesting research challenges, with the ultimate goal of solving problems and improve processes.

Our Approach

Machine Learning is changing the world of today and tomorrow. Machine Learning can improve and have a huge impact in every area surrounding us, from education and health to transport and the environment. Now, more than ever, we are becoming more and more aware of the impact that AI and Machine Learning is going to have in our society and of the potential of automation and AI. This is why, we’re constantly researching for new ways to improve life on every spectrum, and technology is the driving vehicle to do this. Technology changes the way we see and do things and the future will be at the hands of artificial intelligence.

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We believe that by using a long-term thinking, a collaborative approach and the most innovative technologies you can achieve greatness. We invest all our energy and experience in delivering state of the art solutions for our customers.

Previous and ongoing projects include and are not limited to prediction and scene comprehension for assisted driving technologies, face recognition, image and sound synthesis, natural language understanding.

We had some amazing results in machine learning while working with Fortune 500 companies and our main Machine Learning R&D services are:

Our innovative technologies are the result of our R&D department's work to solve different business problems. Our solutions commonly come as an answer to existing needs in order to improve how a business works. We also closely work with our clients to solve specific problems or to develop tailored-made product solutions.

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